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Contributing to your list, and anything will be subjective based upon what you like to make often (that's what I would construct a kitchen around mainly).

- Personally as someone who makes sauces, pestos, dips, etc. all the time, I could not live without a food mill. I have a simple classic cuisinart design which is well made and I hope lasts me for years.

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- Likewise do you take pleasure in salads often? I make them day-to-day and as an outcome I need to have a salad spinner. However that's subjective, I think of somebody who does not make salads much would find it unneeded. I guess that depends on what you make.

- A peeler for sure! The y-shaped kuhn-rincon peelers are excellent.

- I personally very finely slice a lot of things, so another thing I couldn't live without is a Mandolin, which I use about as regularly as my chef's knife. Likewise particularly useful for salads. Get one with accessories for julienne, and so on

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- I 'd think about at least one 10-12" stainless-steel skillet (3-ply at least). While I use my cast iron frying pan for a great deal of things, they are a little less perfect for acidic sauces, especially tomatoes. I personally would choose my stainless steel for making pan sauces of any kind, and it's overall simpler to clean up and maintain, making it preferable to me for everyday cooking, especially when feeling lazy or easy.

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- Do you like to make eggs often? I 'd consider a minimum of one smaller non-stick skillet for making fried eggs, as it will make cleanup a lot much easier. I look for ones that do not have teflon. You can of course make eggs in a well-seasoned cast-iron pan, it's just more work to maintain it and for me, if I'm simply frying 2 little eggs for breakfast, a 12" cast iron pan feels a little overkill.

- Think about a low-cost cooking area scale with preparation bowls instead of all the determining cups/spoons. I not just delight in the accuracy of a scale but likewise having less items to clean. I also don't bake a lot personally, so my spoons/cups hardly ever get utilized as I basically eyeball everything else, however if I needed to measure I 'd just utilize my scale.