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Love Dolls

Love doll also called sex doll is the latest adult toy in the market. History has witnessed the popularity of adult toys in every civilization and Dutch sailors used cotton love dolls in their voyages in the seventeenth century. They were called “Dame De Voyage” in French, “Dama De Vinje” in Spanish. The first modern sex doll was commercially manufactured in Japan for differently abled customers.

Since then, with the technical breakthrough and latest advancement in the polymer industry, highly realistic sex dolls are being developed with human skin like texture, and human like skeletal system making them as close to real woman both in beauty, softness and flexibility. The latest lifelike sex dolls are manufactured of silicone and TPE material and are completely safe for intimate use.

Custom sex dolls can be further customized according to the fancies of the user. You can choose the height, skin color, body stats, breast size, eyes, hair style etc. People suffering from erectile dysfunction can practice their trajectory with the love doll and build confidence. Lonely people can enjoy their sex life with a love doll while couples can use them for threesome or simply for self-exploration.

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